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Our Schedule
Lil Champions Ages 4-6 (white w/yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, & red stripe)
Monday 4:30PM
Tuesday 6:20PM
Wednesday 4:30PM
Thursday 5:25PM
Friday -
Saturday 11:05AM
Sunday -
Beginner Junior Champions Ages 7-12 (white, yellow, orange, & green)
Monday 5:10PM
Tuesday 5:25PM
Wednesday 5:10PM
Thursday 6:05PM
Friday -
Saturday 11:45AM
Sunday -
Intermediate Junior Champions Ages 7-12 (blue, purple, brown, red, poom, & JBBC)
Monday 6:05PM
Tuesday 4:30PM
Wednesday 6:05PM
Thursday 4:30PM
Friday -
Saturday 11:45AM
Sunday -
Advanced Junior Champions (junior black belt and black belt 12 and under)
Monday 8:10PM
Tuesday 7PM
Wednesday 8:10PM
Thursday 7PM
Friday -
Saturday 10:10AM
Sunday -
Our Location
701 Middle Country Road Selden, New York 11784